It’s your right to refuse drugged chicken

The chirps of tiny chicks and grown chickens fill the air, as carefree chickens walk about happily in the coop, basking in the morning sun. This is the ideal portrait of a poultry farm, but one that’s very rare to find.

Chilled Meat is the Freshest Meat

There was a time when every household had chicken or goat reared in their backyard farm. They happily gallivanted around our houses and kids played with them while we fed these animals with the best of feed. We cut and cooked them fresh. Long gone are those days. Switch to the meat scene today, where every trip to the butcher involves waiting for your portion of meat cut from a carcass hanging in unhygienic surroundings.

5 Myths of Consuming Meat

Nutrition, at times needs nutrition! That is one of the many ironies of life. Especially when it comes to meat, there are many things that are not, well, neat.