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Meats of all kinds, whether seafood, chicken or mutton, have been consumed from time immemorial.  Earlier, meat was acquired by either hunting or fishing. But thank god for the evolution of time, the process of getting meat has been simplified.

Today, one can acquire the desired meat and get it in the type/cut you want from the comfort of our home. Despite being able to get meat delivered to our doorstep the concerns of quality and the source of where meat is procured from still stands as a constant.

So to know that your online meat shop is delivering good quality, there are certain parameters that you should no about. By keeping these in mind the quality of meat that you buy from your online meat shop is never compromised while giving the desired taste every time. To get started…

●     Packaging of the meat

When purchasing meat online, ensure that it does not have any water residue or tears on the packaging. Also, see that, regardless of the meat kind, there is no unpleasant odour. When receiving fish online delivery, see that the aroma of the fish is mild, marking its freshness. The other meats should be cold to touch to reassure safe packaging of the meat.

●     Color of the meat

When getting your desired meat delivered, the color of the meat speaks volumes of the freshness and quality. The color and cuts of the meat will be an easy giveaway to the standards and its handling before it could be purchased. When you buy fresh meat online, the color of the meat should be light pink or dark red. For poultry, if the appearance of the meat is light pink or whitish, it constitutes a sign of freshness.

●     Storage of the meat

Storage of meat is best suited when when it is chilled, not frozen. All kinds of meat should be unwrapped and hung so that air can circulate. We at TenderCuts know the importance of maintaining the correct temperatures for utmost freshness and safety; hence, the meat is stored between 0 – 4°C.

●     Meat Fat

Meat fat appears in white streaks on the meat and is called marbling.  You can close your eyes and buy chicken online when you see a fine marbling, as the meat is tastier. This marbling effect on the meat depends on the cut of meat. It can speak a lot about the way the animal was fed and how it was cultured. When you order chicken online with excellent high-grade marbling, the meat will be juicier, tender, and will have better texture and flavor, when compared to its counterparts.

●     Food safety standards

Checking food safety standards is the most essential step to follow. In the case of packaged meat, it should be labeled by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). When speaking of Tender cuts, we provide WHO guidelines strictly adhered to and FSSAI quality standards stringently met. This provides food security that always stands as a priority.

Fresh meat will always be power-packed with zinc, vitamin B-Complex, iron, phosphorus, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are required to maintain good health. Fresh meat can be purchased online without the fear of poor quality of meat. TenderCuts provides freshly cut meat, hygienically packed, and locally sourced too, that make buying meat online much more convenient and safe.

We can hear a hot sizzling pan of meat singing in your mouth. So add your favorites to the cart, get it delivered to your doorstep, and enjoy the taste of high-quality, fresh meat with TenderCuts.

To order your favorite fresh meat online, download the TenderCuts. Click:

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