Seafood Fishing Season In India

Here’s your read on Seafood Fishing Season Across The Country And How To Plan Your Feast Around It.

Any food is precious. Seafood more so. This is because fishes are the blessing of the sea and the availability of seafood is highly seasonal. The breeding-based sourcing of seafood cannot be compared to the sourcing of any other meat. As properly addressed as nature’s bounty, it needs to be procured with respect. Government has prescribed restrictions on fishing/sourcing seafood during certain periods of the year. The idea is conservation; to protect fishes during the breeding season in order to allow the next generation of them to be born and continue their presence in our lives.

As our eating habits broadly place pressure on demand and supply, it is imperative for consumers to understand seafood/fishing seasons of all the seafood they want to consume.

This is important from three perspectives
(a) Season defines pricing. So, if you shop in-season, your favourite fish will cost you lesser.
(b) Buying during the season ensures that you get the ideally grown fish in the category.
(c) Buying during the season ensures that you are supporting the conservation of marine life and also ensuring the existence of the species.  

There are two fishing seasons: January to May and September to November. As the fishing ban across coasts are ending one after the other, here’s a top down on seafood available across the country and the best season to buy them.

Sardine Catfish Vanjaram Anchovy Emperor Ribbonfish Prawn Kaaraipodi Tuna Pomfret Barracuda Mackerel SharkPomfret Emperor Vanjaram Sardine Tuna Barracuda Snapper Squid Prawn Shark Catfish Seer AnchovyPomfret Emperor Vanjaram Sardine Ribbonfish Tuna Barracuda Snapper Squid Prawn SharkRibbonfish Shark Pomfret Emperor Mackerel Kaaraipodi Barracuda Anchovy Catfish Tuna Snapper Squid PrawnPomfret Mackerel Snapper Kaaraipodi Tuna Sardine Squid Prawn BarracudaPomfret Mackerel Snapper Kaaraipodi Seer Sardine Barracuda Prawn Snapper
Shark Catfish Anchovy Pomfret Seer Tuna Mackerel Prawn Snapper Sardine Kaaraipodi Squid Barracuda RibbonfishAnchovy Barracuda Snapper Sardine Catfish Emperor Ribbonfish Mackerel Kaaraipodi Pomfret  Seer Pomfret Sardine Catfish Barramundi Ribbonfish Prawn Mackerel Anchovy Prawn Snapper BarracudaCatfish Marckerel Ribbonfish Sardine Shark Prawn Anchovy Pomfret Tuna Snapper Kaaraipodi BarracudaAnchovy Tuna Sardine Emperor Seer Shark Squid Tuna Barramundi Barracuda Pomfret MackerelPomfret Sardine Tune Seer Catfish Emperor Catfish Narramundi Barracuda Snapper
Month-wise split of seafood availability in India

In the light of our extensive knowledge of different fishes and fishing seasons, we did, as part of our communication last season, conceptualize and run a month-long campaign exclusively on seafood to enlighten the consumer. The knowledge series imparted to consumers knowledge on not only the types of fishes available but also their place of origin, nutrient constitution and more.

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At TenderCuts, it is a given that we procure the daily fresh fishes and prawns for you. As can be expected, the fishing ban does affect the availability of certain fishes in our extensive catalogue. However, we are continuing our efforts to make as many of them available to you round the year by working with local breeder-farmers who have great understanding of the fish’s development lifecycle.

To order your favorite fresh fishes or dry fishes, download the TenderCuts App by clicking on the link:

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