Celebrating some of our esteemed customers on Women’s Day as they share their #CutItTogether story

In terms of conversations around gender and women’s issues, there isn’t a lot that gets missed in today’s world. We have witnessed women raising their voices against injustice in their lives, both personal and professional. The focus on these issues have only increased over the years, especially given the momentum that social media has on accelerating the reach of these voices.

There’s no doubt about the fact that women have led the movement against discrimination and patriarchy. And while they have raised their voices far and wide, they have also been bolstered by the support of other women and men – be it their family, their friends, or even kind strangers united in spirit to cut it together. So this women’s day, we chose to look beyond, and explore the backbone structures in our society which can actually aid and enable women to break free!

The curious thing about the support systems among people, is that they function in a million small instances, which is hard to quantify, but extremely impactful in the long run. There would be times when you’ve had a hard deadline at work we are running against, and a hot cup of tea from your partner has made all the difference. Or times when an unexpected word of kindness from your family would have changed the entire course of your life. These small but significant acts of support only build up over time, to strengthen the dreams and aspirations of women who seek to break through barriers in their lives.

To explore how this idea of cutting through stereotypes together translates into the daily life of women, we had candid conversations with some TenderCuts customers about their journeys. Mrs. Edward, a long-standing customer of TenderCuts, shared some delightful anecdotes about how her husband likes to help out around the house.

Let’s take a look at what Mrs. Edward, a patron of TenderCuts has to say:

My husband can manage well with recipes like Chicken Masala, and he would keep asking me for the ingredients from time to time. We really like the TenderCuts meat for preparing these dishes, especially him, since it’s so clean and neat. But he doesn’t like anyone in the kitchen when he is cooking! He says, I’ll do it myself!
He’s getting old, he’s 76, but he always helps around. He has a unique way of cooking, you know!

Similarly, Mrs. Elakkiya also had some instances she shared with us:

My husband once prepared a recipe out of minced chicken. It was a spicy gravy for rice, and came out very well. I personally love trying out different kinds of meat products at TenderCuts. I have tried everything – fish, chicken, mutton, and even the marinades!

Mrs. Lidiya, a former teacher and TenderCuts customer as well, also had some very touching experiences to share about the kind of support she received from her late mother in pursuing her dreams. 

My mother has always been the greatest source of inspiration and support for me. She was a very strong person, like a shelter to me. You know, she was always full of dreams – we even had a plan to build a hotel together! She always wanted to do something different in the food sector. 

“No need to go for fast food”, she would say. The more fast food you have, the faster your lifespan will get over! She always believed in preparing and eating healthy homemade food.

Even though she has left, her words are with me. This wasn’t my field originally, but she has inspired me. I prepare these masalas, powders, and spices at home and distribute them among friends and family. We even took an order during Dussehra for traditional sweets, and are soon moving to an online platform. She may not be around, but she has left her dreams to me. Her memory gives me the strength and inspiration to move ahead”.

We at TenderCuts are honored to have the opportunity to share these valuable experiences of our customers for everyone to learn and get inspired from. Their words go to show that whether it is in spirit, action or in providing mental and emotional support, having near and dear ones to cut it together with us always makes a difference. With that, we wish you a Happy Women’s Day. May you cut through all of life’s travails with aplomb, and cut to the bright future that awaits you!\

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