Meet our Succulent Seven Mutton Cuts!

Mutton Lovers Assemble!

The words Sunday Mutton Curry are bound to bring up sweet nostalgia in the hearts of most meat-lovers across the country. After all, what can compare to the fragrance of simmering mutton filling up your home, the pleasure of tasting that first spoon of curry to check if the salt is just right, or even just the inevitable, memorable naps that follow a sumptuous mutton-filled lunch?

Of course, what makes this entire experience even better is knowing that the mutton cooking in your kitchen is the freshest of the fresh. So here’s a quick way for you to check for yourself. All you have to do is, press a finger into the meat, and check if the dent disappears quickly. If the meat is fresh, the meat will bounce back in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of fresh, we have seven fresh and expertly trimmed mutton cuts waiting to be transformed in your kitchens. So let’s get into the introductions!

1) Goat Curry Cut

If you’re looking for the perfect cut for that quintessential Mutton Saaru, Mutton Rogan Josh, or even a Chettinad Mutton Fry, look no further. The Goat Curry Cut is the crème de la crème of mutton cuts and features tender and lean meat from the choicest cuts of goat in customizable quantities.

2) Free Range Mutton Shoulder Meat

This cut hits all of the right notes, especially when it comes to flavor and texture. What’s more, the pieces are meticulously chopped up to the perfect bite-sized, tandoor-ready proportions, giving you the perfect reason to bring out that tandoor and get a-grilling that perfect Hyderabadi Mutton Sak!

3) Free Range Mutton Boneless

We all have bones we’d like to pick, but why pick ‘em out of mutton, when you can have it boneless? This cut is the epitome of simple (cubed) delights and understated as it is, it is the source of resident meaty favorites like Mutton Sukka, Mutton Vindaloo, and Mutton Roast

4) Free Range Mutton Mince

Let’s call it like we know it best: Kheema! Be it for a Kothu Kari Masala or a melt-in-mouth Galouti Kebab, this cut won’t let you down. Our mutton mince is the perfect combination of flavor, texture, and nutritional value, because not only is it fresh and perfectly ground, it is also minimally fatty,

5) Free Range Goat Biryani Cut

They say, what’s in a name? Well, in this case, we’d say, everything! Yes, our biryani cut is dedicated to biryani lovers everywhere – be it for Hyderabadi biryani, Awadhi dum Biryani, or even to cook a delicious Parsi mutton pulao. These custom biryani mutton cuts are the perfect match for your favorite dum-biryani. So go ahead and earmark these for your next non-lazy Sunday.

6) Free Range Mutton Rib Chops

This cut is meant to be a treat for the palate and the eyes. With 1 rip bone per chop, these rib chops are finely chiseled out to perfection, with the meat cut out from the bone to give that classic ‘frenched’ effect.

7) Free Range Goat Bones

There’s almost nothing that doesn’t benefit from a dollop of good old mutton stock, curries, soup, and rasam! And what with all of the yummy calcium, magnesium, and amino acids it packs, mutton bones nutrient quotient is off the charts.

For those of you who are mutton-lovers and meticulous cooks, here’s a handy tip:

Pro tip: Mutton curries are best served warm, and best cooked slow. So turn on the flame for the first few minutes of sauteing the mutton to seal in the yummy juices, and then settle into a gentle simmer, and let time work its magic for your mutton curry.

So there you have it! Seven sensational and flavourful mutton curry cuts, ready to make your recipes meaty and wholesome.

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