Our 50th Store Launch! Indira Nagar, Bengaluru

We are bringing the fresh over to Bengaluru once again. This meat and seafood megastore will be our 50th in India and our 10th Bengaluru. Coming up in Indiranagar, this superstore of meats is designed to be a signature experience in itself and is a must-visit if you are a lover of fresh and good meats and seafood. And we must tell you, this will change your perception of meat and seafood buying and consumption forever.

Given that Bengaluru already knows us, has experienced us and loved us at Yelahanka, Kammanahalli, Sarjapur road, HSR Layout, Kormangala, BTM, JP Nagar, and AECS, it gives us more impetus to bring more to this very diverse, food-loving, and life-loving city.

At TenderCuts, what we have always tried to achieve and successfully crafted is creating new standards and exceeding expectations in food. As anyone in the business will tell you, exceeding expectations with food, especially in the fresh meats and seafood category is not easy. But with the strength of our supply chain and the strength of our operational strategy, we have made this an omnichannel success. Today across the three cities – Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, we hold sway as an omnichannel meat brand enabling consumer buying experiences in stores and online.

As India’s first and largest Omni-channel meat brand, we have made it easy for customers to shop for their favorite meats and seafood at our stores, online on the website, on the move on our app, or order them even over the phone. With several payment modes such as Cash-On-Delivery, online banking, and other UPI-based payment methods to make the purchasing experience simple seamless, a competent backend Customer Service that’s available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. over the phone, chat, or email, we have been redefining the entire meat shopping experience.

Apart from the omnichannel experience, what sets us apart? It isn’t one but several things that make us the best in the business; the most important of it is the conscious decision to sell only meats and seafood that are the freshest, the most hygienic, the healthiest, and the safest, which is only meats and seafood we ourselves would eat. If we wouldn’t touch it, we wouldn’t sell it. That is what our Founder CEO Nishanth Chandran would tell each of his employees right from day one at work. And that becomes ingrained in us, becoming the most important part of our life at work.

What else does set us apart? The fact that we have built a strong community of farms, farmers, fishermen, and small boats that supply only to us, adhering to our strict sourcing protocols. That means very high standards to follow in the way the produce is raised, fed, and taken care of. That means no antibiotics and no hormones whatsoever at any point in time. That means keeping the farms clean and hygienic, in a way that is acceptable to us. A system of rigorous and repeat inspections ensures that livestock is raised with care, in natural environs, in line with our livestock management guidelines. And for the fishing community signed up with us, it means going out to sea and bringing back the day’s catches as found in the sea every single day, no formalin, no chemicals added. Absolutely.

This way of building conscientious direct links with local farming and fishing communities, with strong backward solid linkages ensures that the meat and fish travel only a very short distance before reaching customers, ensuring absolute freshness, safety, and hygiene. The strict farm to fork processes, the quality checks we follow before processing meats and the operating protocols we follow from our door to yours make all the difference.

We are particular about the livestock we buy. We choose chicken that weighs between 1 and 1.2 kg and lambs aged between 8 and 12 months to ensure that the customers always receive the most delectable, flavourful, and juicy meats. Our team of food scientists tests every batch of meat and seafood that comes in to guarantee rigorous adherence to our multi-layered and comprehensive quality checks.

A new-age tech-enabled company, our strategy, and process rely heavily on tech to make way customers to buy freshly cut meat and seafood through our neighborhood stores and online services, thus catering to both retail and new-age online customers. Proprietary technology and a completely integrated supply chain drive our business. This allows for a seamless, protocol-driven and rigorous, and time-bound selection and sourcing, processing, testing, and transportation to ensure that every batch of produce is safe, hygienic, and fresh from the farm to the door. We never freeze our meats or seafood. Our tech guarantees it which in turn guarantees the preservation of the unique flavour, color and texture in the meats and seafood you buy. We deliver meats freshly cut and freshly packed in food-grade packaging, at the customer’s doorstep in insulated delivery bags with Ice Gel Pad Technology to maintain the meats at the right temperature right up to the last mile, ensuring 100% freshness.

All around the year, our reliable network of farms and fishing communities supply meat and fish exclusively to us. It means that customers can rely on us for all their meat and seafood needs any time, every time. We follow a well-documented, WHO-norms-compliant, and efficient process for obtaining, processing, and delivering the finest meats and seafood. Our entire process adheres to the FSSAI’s stringent quality standards as well.

Our stores are the point of sale/delivery to both our retail and online consumers living in the neighborhood. At each of our stores, customers can choose from over 250+ types of cuts from 10+ meat categories as per their requirement, or they can conveniently place their order online for 90-minute home delivery. All meats and seafood are cut only and only after an order is received. This is important to meat as it allows the meat to stay the freshest and the juiciest that way.

Launched in 2016 by Nishanth Chandran, with a mission to change the way Indians consume meat and seafood, TenderCuts as a business has grown at a rate of 2X YOY, with a goal of 10X growth in the next 3 years.

As Nishanth Chandran says, “Freshness is a promise we deliver every single time. Procuring our daily meats and seafood from certified farms and small-time fishermen who bring in their daily catches, we deliver the freshest meats and seafood to our customers. Our promise of freshness extends to the fact that the meats are freshly cut only after the order is received. It ensures maximum freshness to every piece of meat we deliver to our customers.”

Our sincere attempt to provide antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and chemical-free meats and seafood has been a game-changer in the meat and seafood business. And we are all set to take it to other Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India shortly.

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  1. Summaya Sumu says:

    This is note mentioned halal. Ithing so this is not halal meats yes or no


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