Why is WHO(World Health Organization) Important in the Meat Industry?   

When it comes to health, we can’t afford to cut corners. We can’t afford to follow practices that are less than the best, or adhere to standards that are global. And when it comes to health, there is no bar higher than the ones set by the World Health Organization (WHO)

 Those who have been buying meat for many years now will admit that buying meat in wet markets or from butchers is an unpleasant experience, characterized by a perpetual stench, buzzing flies and the revolting sight of meat hung upside down. This meat is often stale, unhygienic, low on taste, and unfit for human consumption according to WHO guidelines, which state that meat kept at temperatures between 5 to 60 degrees Celsius can slowly become poisonous.

 Which is why one of the founding principles of Tendercuts was to set up processes that met WHO standards. Here are five ‘NOs’ –

No Antibiotics

No Freezing

No Preservatives

No Hormones

No Flavour enhancers

 But that’s only half the job. In order to transform the experience of buying meat, we needed to ensure that you get farm fresh, healthy and hygienically processed meat right to your doorstep in 120 minutes.

 Our direct partnership with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward linkages ensure that the TenderCuts meat travels a very short distance to reach you, guaranteeing absolute freshness. We have integrated our partners into a just ecosystem of fair prices and timely payments, encouraging them to practice ethical farming that brings you chemical free and preservative free produce.

Our numerous checks and quality controls run throughout our processes of breeding of livestock, selection, cleaning, and delivery. These measures include stringent grading and rigorous standardization systems, automated systems, and washing and pre-cleaning of meat with RO water. Every step of the meat from farm to fork is monitored and controlled to bring you only the best.

 Say No to unhygienic meat. Switch over to better health, quality and taste.

 Bon apetit!

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