The Joy of Marinades

Marinades lock in a world of flavour into every variety of meat. The special agents in marinades, like vinegar or curds or citrus juices, also bring in the added advantage of breaking down the meats, making them tender without making them mushy.

Marinating is more than half the job done. However, the final leg of cooking the meat is equally important. There’s a variety of ways you can cook marinades. Here are a few of our favourites.

Deep Fried

Let’s get the obvious done, first. From fiery spicy chicken 65, to traditional Madurai Kola Urundai mince balls, deep fried marinades are deeply satisfying. Chettinad Prawns 65 comes to mind too, and any hot eat with a number after it.

Deep fry also allows you to go gung-ho with the spices. Red chillies, strong flavoured masalas lend themselves well to this method of cooking.

Also try marinades with a breaded crust on the outside, like chicken popcorn. Bite-sized delights with locked in spices and condiments, with a crunchy crust.

Pan Fried

Lemon chicken, anyone? Marinated with lemon, herbs and spices, this marinade is made for the pan. Chicken wings or marinated chicken breast slide into shallow oils beautifully. But the most universal use of the pan is for a nicely spiced chunk of fish.

Take Chennai’s most popular marine dish – the Marina Fish Roast, for instance. Seer Fish sliced and marinated in select spices, to make an aromatic, deep red delicacy. Serve with chopped onions and a dash of lemon.


The dark markings of a grill are a sort of taste stamp on meat. If something’s been grilled, it must be basically delicious. Well, we agree, but just make sure you’ve got the right marinade in place.

The advantage of a grill is that it holds the marinated meat in place, allowing for better absorption of flavour. The direct exposure to flame helps sear the spices deep into the meat, with a delicious caramelized crustiness.

A cheesy chicken grill, for instance, or better yet, malai chicken – oh, so soft and creamy yoghurt-based marinade. Or a spicy peri peri chicken.

The Keema Tikka, minced mutton mixed to perfection in fiery spice, is a great way to christen the grill.

In the Tandoor

The smokiness of the tandoor evokes our primal taste buds, transporting us to a time of kings and kingdoms, of the outdoors and large meals together.

A range of marinades love to take a dive into the tandoor, mainly Mughlai Seekh Kebabs, or Smoky Chicken, or even some of the usually grilled marinades.

Quails have a gamey, distinct flavour, which can be enhanced with traditional Indian spices. Few treats beat a Tandoori quail.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Well, this can turn out to be among your most delicious options for marinades. When you’re running short of time, or motivation to cook up a storm yourselves, feel free to give us a call. We’ll have the delicacy of your choice, right at your doorstep, in 120 minutes.

Bon apetit!

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