Treating Meat Right

What do you see when you look at a cut of meat? Well, we at Tendercuts see potential – for a wonderful meal, for great memories with family and loved ones, and a step forward in good health. And all of these depend on how the meat is treated. Right from choosing the meat to cooking it.

Tendercuts takes care of the first few stages in the process. From farm to fork. We select the best livestock breeds, keep them in natural habitat conditions. The weight and health of the livestock are monitored and checked regularly, to keep with stringent quality standards.   The livestock are processed in a WHO-standard hygienic environment, following Halal with utmost concern. The meat is processed into predefined cuts by highly qualified butchers, with approved food grade knives and equipment. Tender, fresh meat is then packaged in clean, leak-proof and food grade self-lock packaging. And yes, delivered straight to your doorstep in 120 minutes!

After 120 Minutes

When the meat reaches your kitchen, here are some ways in which you can care for the meat to ensure the flavours, taste and hygiene remain intact.

Wash hands frequently with soap, for up to 20 seconds, while handling raw or marinated meat. Meat is sensitive to bacteria, and germs can spread quickly from your hands. Prepare the meat on a handling surface or board that is separate from other cooking ingredients and materials. Keep vegetables and the rest of the ingredients away from the meat you’re preparing. Exclusive cutting boards and utensils for raw meat are recommended. Cooked meat can be served in other utensils.

Stored right, meat can last a while. Under normal refrigeration, meat packed in airtight packaging lasts up to three days. When frozen (0 degrees F), it can last a lot longer. Speaking of temperatures, the amount of heat you use for cooking affects the taste and hygiene of the meat. For instance, poultry should never be eaten rare. Ground meats must be cooked to a higher temperature than whole meats. In typical Indian cuisine, meats are generally well done, so this is not a major concern. However, it is advisable not to leave cooked meat outside for long. Refrigerating it immediately after consumption is the way to go.

In general, households where meat consumption is often and regular have need to maintain a higher standard of hygiene in the kitchen and dining area – replacing cutting boards, towels, sponges, etc. regularly.

A useful rule is ‘when in doubt, don’t’. Remember that when you take care of meat, you’re taking care of yourself.

Bon apetit!

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  1. Khushboo says:

    Do you serve halal meat? But no where mentioned on the website as Halal. It should be highlighted that you serve Halal. Where is the certificate for halal certified? Please add the certificate in the website. If you are serving Halal.



    1. Admin says:

      Yes we do. Our certificates are already listed on our website. You may view our certificates here:


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