Chilled Meat is the Freshest Meat

There was a time when every household had chicken or goat reared in their backyard farm. They happily gallivanted around our houses and kids played with them while we fed these animals with the best of feed. We cut and cooked them fresh. Long gone are those days. Switch to the meat scene today, where every trip to the butcher involves waiting for your portion of meat cut from a carcass hanging in unhygienic surroundings.

One that hasn’t been killed and de-skinned in front of you. Hot, humid surroundings teeming with flies and perfect for the growth of bacteria on the meat. Microbial growth that makes it poisonous for consumption and causes the meat to rot and smell. According to the WHO, meat in the range of 5-60oC is in a danger zone as microorganisms multiply faster in that range. Meat kept in the temperature range of 0-5oC does not allow microbial growth and stays fresh.

Just as pasteurisation kills the harmful bacteria present in milk and chilling it keeps it fresh, meat too retains its freshness when chilled (freezing meat changes its texture, tissue and taste, which is something we absolutely don’t do). This is what we at TenderCuts aim to bring to you – fresh meat that is hygienically washed, cut and vacuum packed. During the entire process of cutting, packaging and delivery, we maintain the temperature between 0 and 4oC to ensure that your meat stays fresh. As fresh as when it is cut right in front of you. So you can replicate those wonderful flavours and enjoy meat as it should be – fresh, tender and flavourful. Enjoy those delicious home cooked meals by ordering from the comfort of your home.

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